Official suppliers




Back in 1992, Original BUFF® created the first multifunctional and seamless neck tubular. It was the turning point for a family owned company founded near Barcelona. Nowadays, BUFF® products are chosen by sports enthusiasts and nature lovers all around the world. Quality, innovation and style mix together in a range of neckwear and headwear products designed to enjoy the great outdoors. Passion moves our brand since the first days and so do our ambassadors, our people and everyone wearing a BUFF®, from Mont Blanc to Colorado.

BUFF® focuses on creating the best products for sports enthusiasts, indefatigable mountaineers, trail running lovers and to everyone in search for quality neckwear and headwear. For that, BUFF® is and has always been close to real sports, adventures and challenges. BUFF® wants to be where the best ones are, and that is the reason why BUFF® and our sports ambassadors take part in the top sport competitions and events around the world. The UTMB® is of course one of them, as the largest trail running event in the world has proven a key competition and a natural environment for our products, our athletes and our philosophy. Taking part in the UTMB® is as natural for BUFF® as mountains are for trail runners.

It has been already 10 years since BUFF® got involved with the UTMB®. Year after year, the brand has increased its presence and involvement with the UTMB® and that is how we have become proud Official Suppliers. We run the trails together and we keep evolving as our key products keep proving to be a perfect fit for the UTMB® challengers. It is one of our goals and a huge pleasure for BUFF® to keep on participating and evolving together: testing is key to create the best products and the UTMB® is a perfect field for testing our products and innovations to the limit. Year after year, great and valuable feedback arises from the experience of top athletes at the UTMB®, and that is a big reason to keep going, as well as an excellent way to improve and innovate.

Because of this long collaboration with the UTMB®, three years ago BUFF® started developing a unique and customized collection of UTMB® official products: hats, headbands, caps... a whole collection of specialized official gear for the event has since then been produced by BUFF®.

But that is not the end of the race. As a good runner, BUFF® keeps looking ahead, creating and focusing efforts on how to improve and make outdoor experiences more enjoyable. Outdoors means nature, and nature means cold and heat, winter and summer: on that basis, BUFF® has been developing a growing line of summer hats, caps and visors for warm weather conditions. A natural evolution for BUFF®, great news for trail runners at the UTMB® and beyond.

Trail running is growing and technology needs to stay on track. BUFF® will keep on innovating to satisfy the needs of trail runners around the world. And the UTMB® will certainly remain a must for each year’s calendar as a perfect meeting point for sports, passion and technology.

There are two different paths: a flat and boring road and a path to the wildest unspoiled lands. That is the one chosen by the UTMB® challengers and the road followed by BUFF®.  The finish line is further than the eye can see.